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Custom Blinds

2" Kirsch wood blinds with cloth tape for the classic look adding contrast and color to the walls

These are the 2 1/2" stained Norman wood blinds with the no hole slats for the cleaner, wider, shutter look

Norman Faux wood blind with the routless, no holes slats. Painted wood look with lower costs.

2" Kirsch natural wood blinds. Natural wood knots included

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2" Coulisse wood blinds. Cloth tape options with many tape colors to choose from

Clean, sleek look of wood blinds. Very functional for light control and privacy

Here, the Graber 2" wood blinds coordinate with the stained cabinets

2 1/2" Norman Faux wood blind controlling light and view

Rich wood tones with the 2" blinds and cloth tape

Classy 2" Kirsch wood blind

Norman routless 2 1/2" slat with braided polyester tape

Kirsch wood blinds control light and privacy

2" wood blinds coordinating with other wood features in the room

Coulisse wood blinds for the kitchen

Coulisse 2" leather slat blinds for that special look

2" Aluminum blinds create a modern, industrial feel in the interior. The metallic colors in this extensive collection have been inspired by car paint lacquers. Highly sleek and functional

Coulisse vertical blinds out of many fabric materials and a wide variety of colors

Light and view can be controlled from side to side

Contrast and accent colors can added with the vertical blinds

Vertical blind light control

Some Graber vertical blind materials are also available as horizontal blinds for the window that can't have vertical slats. French doors are good example.

Solid vinyl vertical slats with coordinating wood cornice

vertical blinds offered in many colors and textures

Vertical blinds are good for the very wide windows

Verticals can be offered as center split draw, or as shown here as one way draw

Textured, light filtering louvers with a decorative cornice

As shown here with a wide window and split draw under a decorative cornice

A very unique Coulisse vertical with strings as slats

Here is shown a Kirsch sheer vertical. This works as a drapery sheer fabric with the solid vinyl slats for light control and privacy.